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Please forgive the intrusion, Sidney. I just had to drop by and let you know I was thinking about you:) Intriguing post as usual:) Louise


I'll leave the frogs where they duly belong: in ponds. Otherwise I do like the images you've created Sidney :)


Very cool. I like how you've captured several of the chefs in action in this series. The presentation of some of the plates is amazing.


Nice pics :) Looks like the organizers of this event take their business very seriously. They setting looks quite professional.


Frogs NO but the chefs are cute. I'd rather eat the bananas and mangoes on the table :-)


tiens ! c'est comme ici... diplome et phot de groupe.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Congratulations to the winners.


Wow! They actually managed to make a frog dish look delectable. Did you try any of those?


Je viens de regarder les informations, et il s'est passé des choses graves chez toi aujourd'hui?

Ashish Sidapara

Its been a great series, i have forgotten how a frog looks like ;-)


Great series. I am still not able to get past the way the frogs still look like frogs in some of the dishes. I think I would perhaps be able to try it if it didn't look at all like frogs.

My mom has eaten frog and says it's very good.


Le dénouement et les diplomes pour les meilleurs...à l'année prochaine ! hé hé !

haggis basher

Great documentry work!


what school won? congratulations to them! =)


congratulations to the winner of the contest! nice shots!
thanks for visiting my blog!


tasting is the best part. announcing the winner is when the real celebration begins.


I wonder what were their comments after trying each university's cooking.

Anyway, this is a great series Sid!


.... et l'heureux gagnat ... est.

Ils ont gouté, ils ont aimé.
Vive la Grenouille.


Bravo aux jeunes chefs talentueux !
Mais, manger des grenouilles, je ne m'y fais pas ;)
Gros bisous, Sidney :0010:


Looks all very well organized to me! Great colours in your photos as well!


did you try eating them too?


I like the view of the chefs working away and those enjoying the result. Nice ones.


Wow! I've missed your last images and I have look today at your series about frog contest. This seems to be a very serious affair... I like how you share with us the events of Philippines.

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